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Choosing Between Audiobook Production Companies and DIY Narration

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Podcasts are popular. Auditory books allow busy people to listen to their favorite stories on the fly. You can reach more people by making your book into an audiobook. You must decide whether to collaborate with an audiobook company in the USA or to voice it yourself.

This blog will help you decide. We will discuss the benefits and cons of hiring an audiobook production firm and narrating your books so you may choose the best choice for your needs and budget.

Pros and cons of hiring companies to make audiobooks


Professional Quality:

Audiobook production businesses are very good at what they do. They use professional sound engineers and high-quality recording tools to make sure your audiobook sounds polished and polished.


Hiring professionals to read your books lets you do what you do best, which is writing! From finding narrators to editing and finishing the audio, they take care of the whole process. This gives you more time to work on new projects.

Distribution Channels:

Audible, iTunes, and Google Play work with established production firms. The collaboration will help more people hear your story.



It can cost a lot to hire an audiobook production business. The fees you pay rely on how long and complicated your book is, but the upfront costs and revenue-sharing models can be very important.

Loss of Control:

Production companies can help, but you might give up some creative power over the result. This could include choosing the presenter, the speed, or the sound effects.

Narrator Selection:

Sometimes, production companies might not have your dream narrator on hand. You may have to give up the voice you want or wait for a specific narrator to be given.

Pros and Cons of DIY Narration


Personal Connection:

Narrating your audiobook gives you a special way to connect with fans on an emotional level. Adding your voice and style to the narration could make it more enjoyable to listen to.

Cost Savings:

DIY storytelling gets rid of the costs that come with hiring a production company. You can keep a bigger chunk of any income that comes in from selling audiobooks this way.

Creative Freedom:

You have complete creative control when you do it yourself. You choose the story’s pace, voice, and sound effects.


Skill Requirements:

Making an audiobook seem professional requires certain talents. You should be able to adjust your voice tone, pronounce words correctly, and maintain a steady pace throughout the recording.


DIY storytelling is time-consuming. Depending on your workflow and experience, recording, editing, and mastering a full-length audiobook can take weeks or months.

Quality Concerns:

Poor podcasts can be caused by amateur narration, not having the right recording gear, and not having enough editing experience. This could turn people off and hurt your reputation as an author.

Well-Known Audiobook Production Companies

There are a number of trustworthy businesses that make audiobooks. Here are some examples:

HarperCollins’ Harper Audio:

The successful audiobook division of HarperCollins is Harper Audio. They have produced high-quality podcasts for famous and best-selling authors.

Other Notable Companies:

Other major players include Amazon-owned Audible Studios, Penguin Random House Audio, and Macmillan Audio. These companies are known for their vast audiobook selection and quality.

Guidance for Authors

Which option is right for you depends on your situation. Some important things to think about are:

Know Your Goals:

Set clear goals for why you want to make an audiobook. Are you trying to reach more people, connect with your viewers more deeply, or make more money? Your decisions will be based on what you know about your goals.

Budget Considerations:

Be honest about how much money you have. Can you afford the costs upfront or the way that Audio Book Makers USA splits the profits?

Sample Narration:

Record yourself reading a part of your book before you decide to do the narration yourself. Listen back and be critical. This helps you figure out how good your storytelling is and where you need to improve.

Research Production Companies:

If you decide to hire a production company, do a lot of study first. Compare audiobook maker services, narrator rosters, and pricing models. To get a sense of the company’s image, read reviews and testimonials.

Negotiate Contracts:

Do not be afraid to talk things out! Contracts with companies that make audiobooks can be open. Talk about the royalty rates, how the narrators will be chosen, and any other services that come with the deal.


When deciding between hiring an audiobook production company or doing it yourself, no one answer fits everyone. The best choice depends on your specific situation, goals, and resources. Here are some tips to help you decide:

1. Consider the genre of your book. If it’s character-driven, you might want to narrate it yourself. But if it’s a complex genre like fantasy or sci-fi, a professional narrator might be a better choice.

2. Think about your technical skills. Are you comfortable with recording software, editing tools, and audio mastering techniques? If not, it might be easier to hire audio book company.

3. Ask your readers what they think. Would they prefer to listen to a book narrated by you or a professional?
Remember that both approaches have their benefits. Weigh the pros and cons carefully, and seek out more information if you need it.

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